Prepress Guidelines

In order to avoid delays in the processing of your order, please use the following criteria as a guide when submitting your art files.

Please include with your artwork:

  • A hard copy printout along with the disk or a PDF if the file is sent electronically.
  • Company Name
  • Person to contact
  • Phone Number

We can accept files generated with the following graphic design software:

  • Adobe Illustrator CS5 (preferred format .ai, .eps)
  • Adobe Photoshop CS5 (.psd)
  • Adobe InDesign CS5
  • QuarkXpress 6.5 or above

Avoid sending files created using Office applications such as Word, Excel and Publisher as these files cannot be used in their original format and have to be converted by us before they can be used for label art.

Fonts & Graphics Required:

Include ALL screen and printer fonts or convert type to outlines. Also include all graphic images used in your art file. Raster images should be saved at 300 dpi resolution or higher.

Note: We cannot use files pulled from a web site. These are low resolution index color images and are not print quality. 

Spot colors: Please specify spot color names in your file. We utilize the Pantone Matching System to identify spot color names (i.e. PMS 203 instead of Pink).

Files may be submitted to us by:

CD, Flash Drive, email or FTP.